Yesterday, we reported that Manny Pacquiao would be running for the Presidency in his native Philippines. Since 2010, Pacquiao has been a political figure in the country as he started out as a congressman and then worked his way up to senator. Many have been wondering if he would ever make the leap and run for President, and now, the speculation has been officially confirmed.

When the news was announced, many were curious as to what this means for Pacquiao’s boxing career. Of course, being the president would take up much of his time and he wouldn’t be able to get in the ring. Well, in a new interview with Toni Gonzaga, Pacquiao revealed exactly what would happen should he get elected.

Manny Pacquiao

Steve Marcus/Getty Images

“My boxing career is over. It’s over already,” Pacquiao said. “I’ve been boxing for a long time already and my family would always tell me that it’s time to stop. I just kept going because I’m so passionate about boxing. But now, I’ll just support boxers so that we can have a champion again.”

This is a massive revelation for Pacquiao to bring forth as it effectively confirms the suspicion that he won’t be stepping into the ring, ever again. His political career is what’s next for him, and there is no doubt that he is looking to bring large reforms to the country that he calls home.

To see Pacquiao’s full answer, you can check out the 21:14 mark of the clip below.