Marc E. Bassy Shares New Project, “Little Men”


According to Marc E. Bassy, his new album, Little Men, is the “next chapter” in his artistic career. The 15-track album arrived at midnight on Friday, and has already been receiving praise from fans across social media.

“You know what we stand for-truth telling-creativity-originality-it’s all for you and because of you,” the 34-year-old captioned a video posted to his Instagram on Saturday afternoon.

“I love you all from the bottom of my heart. You make these dreams come true everyday. Can’t wait til you see it live. Stream Little Men everywhere now !”

Bassy has been consistently dropping albums like Only The Poets Mixtape, Vol. 1East Hollywood, and Gossip Columns over the past few years, but Little Men is his first studio album since 2019’s PMD (which received a deluxe version in 2020).

The new project is largely made up of solo work, although he does bring in Cory Henry on “Free Like Me,” and Syd on “Future Love.” It’s also worth nothing that while some co-writers were brought on, the singer-songwriter penned several tracks alone.

Bassy’s vulnerability is apparent in both his lyrics and vocals; like so many of the best things in life, the San Fransisco native seems to only get better with time.

Have you streamed Little Men yet? Drop a standout lyric in the comments, or stream Marc E. Bassy’s latest project below. 


1. Too Real

2. Feel Different

3. Trouble

4. Bowie

5. Dying Breed

6. Nothing in This World

7. Free Like Me (feat. Cory Henry)

8. Kills Me

9. Future Love (feat. Syd)

10. Dreaming

11. No Perfect Time

12. Closer

13. Click Track

14. Tell Me Lies

15. Atmosphere


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