In her recent memoir, The Meaning Of Mariah Carey, the 52-year-old songstress laid out her “complicated relationship” with her family, leading both her brother and sister to sue her for millions of dollars on charges of defamation. 

Carey’s mother, meanwhile, was re-located to an upscale senior living home in West Palm Beach, where “nurses will wait on her hand and foot,” leaving her gaudy upstate New York estate empty. Carey, a New York native, reportedly purchased the home for her mother back in 1994 for $419,000. 

Dia Dipasupil/Getty Images

More than two decades later, however, the house the “Obsessed” singer purchased for her mother has been sold. 

In a report by the New York Post, it was revealed that Carey sold the home previously belonging to her mother for $757,444, more than a quarter-million dollars more than what she originally paid for it. Selling the North Salem, New York residence just three weeks after originally listing it, it seems that Carey is fully distancing herself from her mother who, according to the same report, allegedly called 911 “after Carey allegedly had a violent nervous breakdown amid the promo tour for the box-office bomb Glitter,” in 2001. 

At the time, Carey’s mother claimed that Carey was a danger to herself and those around her, but a source close to the situation said that was untrue, and that Patricia Carey simply wanted to see her daughter crumble. 

“Patricia wanted the world to know her vulnerable daughter was breaking down, she enjoyed Mariah being brought down a peg or three,” the Post reported. “I would have never forgiven her, it was a nasty, vindictive thing to do.”

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Whether Carey’s relationship with her mother led to the pop icon selling the home is unclear, but with the elder Carey having re-located to Florida, it is clear that Carey wasted no time flipping the home. 

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