Mario Judah Returns With New Single “Remember Your Name”

Quite literally, for the first half of this year, hip-hop and rock fans were wondering, “Where the fuck is Mario Judah?” The 21-year-old Atlanta-based rock-rapper made quite the introduction last year, blowing up with his viral hit record “Die Very Rough” and his remix of DaBaby’s “Rockstar.” During the holiday season, while everybody was waiting for Playboi Carti to release Whole Lotta Red, Mario Judah dropped his own four-track version of the album, and fans came to the conclusion that Judah was a versatile talent that could do whatever he wanted in the music world.

After starting off this year without much of anything dropping, the rising star has returned from his slumber with the release of “Remember Your Name.” The rock-leaning song marks the first release from the Flint native in 126 days, and his fans are excited to have him back.

Mario Judah is back. Listen to his new single below and let us know what you’re thinking.

Quotable Lyrics:

You were wrong from the get-go, buddy
Now it’s time for you to die
Big dawg hammer make his head real bloody
That’s what he gets for tryna gamble his life


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