Mark Hamill Seemingly Breaks The Internet With The Most Simple Tweet Ever

Mark Hamill Seemingly Breaks The Internet With The Most Simple Tweet Ever

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Mark Hamill tweets his name and gets over half a million likes, proving that he really does have the power of the force on his side.

Over the weekend, Mark Hamill used his famous Jedi powers to send Twitter into yet another pop culture induced frenzy. Over the weekend, a follower of the Star Wars actor suggested that even a tweet as simple as his name would earn a massive reaction from followers.

“You could just tweet ‘Mark Hamill’ and you’d get thousands of likes,” the person wrote.

Never one to shy away from a challenge, Hamill decided to test the theory out for himself. Just over 48 hours after he quoted with the reply “Mark Hamill,” the tweet has received not just thousands of likes, but hundreds of thousands. Nearly six hundred thousand, in fact.

Other celebrities like George Takei and Land Reddick saw what Hamill had done and tried to follow in his footsteps, also quote tweeting with the actor’s name. Although the reactions they received weren’t quite as big, they still each also earned thousands of likes, as the original poster had predicted.

When he’s not spending his time working the force on his Twitter feed, Hamill has been hard at work preparing for Netflix’s Master of the Universe: Revelation, in which he will play Skeletor. 

Check out some of the other star’s reactions to Hamill’s success below.


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