The Squid Games phenomenon has become an international sensation and with Halloween approaching, be prepared to see jumpsuits everywhere. The hit Korean series has become Netflix’s most popular show ever in the streaming platform’s history and with good reason. The fame has caused unknown actors to become international superstars, and the public has been dissecting Easter Eggs and foreshadowing on their second and third binge sessions.

Others, like Meek Mill, are taking the time to draw certain comparisons to socio-political issues affecting the United States. The Expensive Pain rapper explained his theory in a tweet.

Meek Mill
Frazer Harrison / Staff / Getty Images

“Squid games’pay attention how fast people switch and kill eachother to survive …now think about the ‘hood’ poverty …it’s the exact same thing …if you just help them with work/money they won’t be that way ‘just a common sense message.”

Meek didn’t expound on his thoughts, but it does not come as a surprise. The Philadelphia rapper acts as co-chair of REFORM Alliance, a non-profit that aims at redefining laws as they tackle various aspects of criminal justice reform. Meek has also spoken about economic disparities within underserved communities, and now he hopes his Squid Games comparison will help people understand his political work.

It seems that instead, it has made the rapper the target of trolls and critics. Check it out below.