Meet Prince Albert of Monaco’s illegitimate son [photos]


Prince Albert II, the sovereign prince of Monaco and head of the House of Grimaldi, is a husband and father of four children. The 64-year old prince is married to Zimbabwean-born Princess Charlene, 44, with whom he shares seven-year-old twins Prince Jacques and Princess Gabriella.

His other two children are love children, Jazmin Grace Grimaldi, 30, and Alexandre Grimaldi-Coste, 19.

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Alexandre is the son of Prince Albert and his former mistress Nicole Coste, 50, a former Air France flight attendant from Togo.

In May 2005, the prince confirmed he was the biological father of Alexandre, just before he was enthroned as Prince of Monaco.

According to an article published by Daily Mail in September 2021, Nicole and Albert dated for five years in the early 1990s and early 2000s. The former couple had made public appearances and the Togolese beauty even met Prince Albert’s father, Rainier III, who demanded the prince ends the relationship.

Alexandre is reportedly a model and is a student at New York University.


During her Paris Match interview in September 2021, Alexandre’s mum explained Albert has been present in his son’s life.

“Albert made a commitment from the start to be present, and to gradually bring his son into his family,’ she was quoted as saying.

“Contrary to what some have written, Albert has always assumed his role as a father and no financial agreement has ever been made between us. Our relationship is built on trust,” she continued.

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The prince’s old child is a daughter, Jazmin, 30. Her mother is US estate agent Tamara Rotolo whom he met while she was on holiday in the South of France.

In January, all four of Prince Albert’s children were pictured together for the first time in an image shared by Jazmin on Instagram as part of a year in review slideshow. She has since deleted her posts on IG, leaving just one.


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