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Megan Thee Stallion Fires Back Over Media Coverage Of Tory Lanez Shooting Case


Megan Thee Stallion addresses the media coverage surrounding Tory Lanez’ recent court hearing.

Houston rapper Megan Thee Stallion is speaking out against media coverage regarding Tory Lanez’s court hearing this week, during which detectives and witnesses shared more information on the alleged shooting incident from last year. According to Megan’s activity on Twitter, she believes that some of the headlines being published directly following Tory’s court appearance are dismissing the fact that she was shot while unarmed. 

We’ve heard from everybody involved in the ongoing saga in the last few hours as Tory Lanez has complained about the initial reports claiming he shouted “Dance, bitch, dance” at Megan before shooting at her feet. Kelsey Nicole, Megan’s former friend who was also in the car with them, also said that she will be speaking her truth soon.

Steven Ferdman/Getty Images

One of the most recent stories breaking out from the court hearing is about an alleged fight that Megan and Kelsey had in the car before Tory fired shots. Megan took to Twitter to address the media coverage of this situation, reminding people that she’s the victim.

“Don’t blogs/ journalists have to have accurate/ credible sources before going with a story? Or is it just like a new I got paid to post this or I heard out from my home girl type policy these days,” asked Megan without pointing out which outlets she was critiquing. “Like I’ve been SHOT and the focus of some these headlines are dismissing that I was attacked with a WEPON WHILE I WAS UNARMED and trying to paint it as a cat fight between friends why do I have to relive this with everyone on the internet every day ? And watch y’all gaslight me.”

Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images

What do you think about the way the media has covered this story and Megan’s response?

Screenshot via @theestallion on Twitter


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