Hip Hop audiences have been critical of Megan Thee Stallion and her rise to fame, yet, the Houston rapper doesn’t mind one bit. Megan’s breakout year was 2019 when she truly began carving out her space in the Rap scene, and now two years later, she’s one of the hottest artists on the block. She’s crossed over with collaborations alongside artists like BTS and Maroon 5 while also dominating with rappers, including Cardi B, DaBaby, Young Thug, Lil Baby, Lil Uzi Vert, Yo Gotti, Gucci Mane, and many more.

In a recent interview with the Evening Standard, Megan was asked about navigating criticism and she spoke about not clapping back at people on social media. If she did, she would be battling thousands of people every day, and she realized it came with the territory of fame—not that hate is welcomed, but it is not controllable.

The rapper was also questioned about what she has learned about men during her time in the spotlight.

“I’m starting to see how much more ignorant men are than I thought. When you’re a woman who’s not a threat, men don’t really bother you,” she said. “And then as you grow into your own and as you become somebody who doesn’t need a man or somebody who is so independent… Men like that damsel in distress type of role and that’s not me. I feel like that’s what kind of gets under a lot of men’s skin.”

“Like, ‘How dare she talk about her vagina? She loves herself and she don’t need me and she’s going to take my money.’ I just feel like I make a lot of them uncomfortable and I feel like that’s my job,” Megan added. “I’m not a normal woman, I’m not a normal person, and if my un-normalness offends you, well, I’m obviously doing something right and, baby, look the other way. You can’t stop looking the other way, because you like what you see and you hate that you like what you see. That’s why you hate it, that’s why you go through all these emotions and you’re lashing out on me.”

“So I’m not even mad at these men. They’re emotionally ignorant. Once they come to grips with who they are, maybe they’ll grow up.”