Megan Thee Stallion Talks Her Shit On “Megan Monday Freestyle”

On “Megan Monday Freestyle,” Thee Stallion lets listeners know that she’s “still runnin’ through the mall with your motherf*ckin’ daddy.” The track comes in at just under two minutes, but still managers to pack a clever punch thanks to Megan’s quick wit and great sense of humour.

Bars like “N*ggas been hooked since ‘Big Ole Freak’,” and “Damn I must be Olivia Pope ‘cause y’all keep puttin’ me in all of these scandals,” are some of our favourites, but the track as a whole will make you want to play it on repeat until you can sing along every word with Coach Meg.

The new song comes from the 26-year-old’s fresh new album, Something for The Hotties, which features 21 tracks from the artist’s archives. The project is mostly featureless, although Juicy J does make a quick appearance on “Trippy Skit.”

Other favourites from Megan’s latest release include “Megan’s Piano,” “Eat It,” and “Tuned In Freestyle.” See the full track list above, and be sure to share your favourite lyric from “Megan Monday Freestyle” below.

Quotable Lyrics:

It was the money for me, ayy, he gon’ go dummy for me, ayy
He ain’t that cute, but he could dress, it’s the Patek for me, ayy
It was the knees for him, hmm, the way that it squeeze for him, ayy
He done fucked a whole lotta bitches, but it was the me for him, ayy


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