Megan Thee Stallion To Guest Star On ‘P-Valley’ As Tina Snow –


Warning: This article contains spoilers from Season 2 of Starz’s series, P-Valley.

If you watched the recent episode of P-Valley, you may have heard a familiar voice and questioned if your ears were playing tricks on you. Luckily for fans, it’s been officially confirmed by STARZ that Megan Thee Stallion is set to guest star on the hit drama as her alter ego, Tina Snow.

During season two’s second episode titled “Seven Pounds of Pressure,” Lil Murda’s (J. Alphonse Nicholson) former right-hand man DJ Neva Scared (Brandon Gilpin) turns down the chance to join Murda and Ms. Mississippi (Shannon Thornton) on the Dirty Dozen Tour because he’s working with a mysterious new rapper in Atlanta. The woman appears behind him in the studio saying, “Run that beat back for a real bi**h.” Furthermore, Meg has a new, original track that’s featured later in the episode.

P-Valley recently made headlines after its season two premiere for making history by having the largest “season over season growth” with upwards of 1,018% from the series’ debut in July 2020.

The sophomore season brought in over 4.5 million multiplatform viewers throughout its premiere weekend (June 3-5) in the U.S. alone and set record subscription growth on the STARZ app. Also, the series ranked as the most socially-engaged primetime drama across networks during that time.

P-Valley is available on-demand on the STARZ app with new episodes dropping at 12 a.m. ET every Sunday.


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