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Michael Rapaport Comments “White Women Popping” On Post About Kanye & Julia Fox


After seeing that West and his actress girlfriend linked with Madonna, Floyd Mayweather, and Antonio Brown, Rapaport couldn’t help himself.

No one is quite sure what Kanye West is up to, but he seems to be jet-setting from coast to coast with his new girlfriend, Julia Fox. The pair emerged with their relationship quite dramatically, including a mini-essay penned by Fox about her first week with the Rap mogul. The two apparently met in Miami on New Year’s Eve and have been inseparable ever since, leaving many to speculate on whether this is a true romance or a ploy to compete with Kim Kardashian’s relationship with Pete Davidson.

Nevertheless, West has reportedly been introducing his actress girlfriend to his celebrity friends and having impromptu photo shoots with her in exclusive restaurants, but recently, he surfaced with a slew of famous faces that seemed to confuse the public.

In a brief clip that has circulated online, West and Fox are posted up with the likes of Antonio Brown, Hollywood Unlocked‘s Jason Lee, Madonna, Floyd Mayweather, Evan Ross, and more. While it is unclear as to why this group linked up, theories that they’re filming a video or scene for some project have been gossiped about on social media.

Meanwhile, Michael Rapaport has never hesitated to publicly criticize his famous peers and he’s often called out the Kardashians. This time, he reportedly offered a comment to the sight of Ye and Fox. It was brief, but it elicited a swarm of reactions.

“White Women Popping,” he penned on Hollywood’s Unlocked’s post, interpreted as being a sarcastic remark by fans. After the outlet reshared the quip, he returned to their comment section to double down. “FACTS ON FACTS ON FACTS.” Check it out below.


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