midwxst’s Deluxe “BACK IN ACTION 2.0” Has Arrived

midwxst’s Deluxe “BACK IN ACTION 2.0” Has Arrived


To round out an amazing 2021, midwxst delivered the deluxe edition of BACK IN ACTION on December 15th. “THANK YOU ALL FOR AN AMAZING END TO THE YEAR, SEE YOU IN 2022,” he wrote in the caption of his most recent Instagram post.

Earlier this month, the rapper dropped off a music video for “Bluffing,” which has received plenty of praise from viewers. “This artist is so real all he wants is to help people out with his music. Much love,” one person wrote in the comments. “This is one of my favourite songs, I like hearing his range,” another added.

Other new arrivals from midwxst over the past 12 months include “Shame,” “Care,” “Marlboro Nights 2,” “Made It Back,” “Ruthless,” “happy ever after,” “SUMMER03,” and “V20,” just to name a few. He’s shown tremendous growth in 2021, so we can’t wait to see what he’s gearing up to unleash in the coming months.

Which feature on BACK IN ACTION 2.0 is your favourite? Drop a comment below and let us know.


1. Let It Rip

2. All Talk

3. Putting On (feat. BabySantana)

4. Tic Tac Toe

5. Star

6. Slide (feat. Slump6s & ericdoa)

7. Made It Back

8. LA (feat. KA$HDAMI)

9. Chowder

10. Off The Wall

11. Transformer (feat. Xhulooo & Onlybino!)

12. No Smoke (feat. DC The Don)

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