Miguel, Endel Announce ‘Clarity Trip’ Music Project For Wellness App – VIBE.com


Miguel’s wellness journey is soaring to new heights. The “Adorn” singer has released a new “generative” music project, Clarity Trip, with wellness app, Endel.

Endel is the creator of personalized, artificial intelligence-powered soundscapes that help reduce stress, improve sleep and boost productivity, resulting in a first-of-its-kind AI-powered wellness experience.

On his latest venture, the singer-songwriter expressed in a sterner statement, “Walking and meditating are things that have always brought me presence and creativity. I have a tremendous interest in anything that pushes the boundaries of what we know music to do. Essentially every time you listen to Clarity Trip, it will be a different version, personal to you. Clarity Trip is about movement and altered state – heightening your experience and hopefully altering your state for the better.”

Clarity Trip, which features original production and vocals from the esteemed crooner, was created to help increase creativity and improve the well-being of its listeners.

Endel and Miguel will also be launching “Walking For Clarity,” a unique challenge to collectively plant 5000 trees through a shared movement goal. Around the globe, anyone is welcome to participate by using the Clarity Trip soundscape and walking for roughly 30 minutes of walking.

Clarity Trip is available now on the Endel iOS app via the App Store and will be arriving on Android on October 25th.


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