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Moneybagg Yo & Ja Morant Team Up For Nike Memphis Ad


Moneybagg Yo & Ja Morant rep Memphis in their latest Nike commercial.

Ever since entering the league a couple of years ago, Ja Morant has had to deal with his fair share of doubters. Many thought that the Memphis Grizzlies star simply wasn’t going to cut it against some of the bigger players in the league, and they also felt as though he was going to NBA purgatory, as the Grizzlies franchise hasn’t exactly been the definition of success over the last few decades.

Instead, Morant has put the Grizzlies on his back, and now, he is a huge superstar in Memphis. In fact, Morant has gotten close to some of Memphis’ most beloved figures, including Moneybagg Yo. The two are so close, that they even linked up for a brand new Nike commercial, which is meant to showcase the doubt that has been placed on both Morant, and the city of Memphis as a whole.

Ja Morant

Justin Ford/Getty Images

In the video clip below, you can see various people claiming that the Grizzlies simply aren’t good enough. Various fans chime in saying “says who?” with one of them being Moneybagg Yo. Morant then finishes off the commercial by saying the exact same phrase, all while walking off the court after a big game.

“Defy expectations like @JaMorant and the city of Memphis,” Nike wrote on IG. “Whether you want to lead your team to victory, or put your city on the map, bring your vision to life by being dedicated to what moves you and ignoring those who don’t get it.”

It’s clear that Morant loves his new home, and that he is prepared to stay for a very long time, regardless of the results on the court.


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