When it comes to total units sold, MoneyBagg Yo has the top-selling hip-hop album of the entire year. While Kanye West and Drake could end up surpassing him in the coming weeks, A Gangsta’s Pain has marked one of the Memphis rapper’s biggest career successes, being flanked by the singles “Wockesha” and “Time Today.” The HNHH Digital Cover Star has been one of the most consistent rappers in the game for years, and he’s finally winning on a larger scale. 

Over the years, MoneyBagg Yo has updated his fans (and potential collaborators) of his feature rate going up. Most recently, Bagg revealed that he’s pocketing around $125,000 to perform, and his feature rate is in the same ballpark.

 Prince Williams/Getty Images

Sharing a DM conversation between one of his managers and an unknown rapper who wanted a verse from the superstar before many people knew his name, Bagg revealed exactly how much he’s leveled up in recent years, multiplying his feature rate by a tremendous number.

During the conversation, which was seemingly from a long time ago, Bagg’s manager revealed that he was charging $750 for a verse, but he actually accepted $550 for that particular song. 

 Shareif Ziyadat/Getty Images

“I Swear I Use To Get $750 For A Feature Now Look, Dets A whole Nother Conversation,” wrote the rapper on Instagram Stories. On the same post, Bagg’s manager unveiled his new going rate, sharing that the artist takes nothing less than $100,000 to get in the studio for a collaboration.

At this point, MoneyBagg Yo is a proven hitmaker. He deserves every bit of that rate.

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