Monica Fires Back At IG User After Getting Called Out Of Her Name –


We feel it’s a universal rule to not provoke Monica unwarranted, but alas one alleged fan didn’t get the memo.

On Tuesday (Jan. 4), one Instagram user called the “So Gone” singer a “h**” to which the mother of three responded in a since-deleted Instagram story, “this young lady called me a “h**” tonight…. Now I could chose a massive amount of violence, but judging by this picture she’s attention deprived! I want you all to send her love and uplifting words! [sic] I’m wishing the best for you! May all your relationships last, be loving & grow you in great ways! YDMFKM!!! Decode that!”

While we’re all still decoding that, another Instagram user commented on Monica’s physical appearance, specifically a scar on her lip from a dental accident that took place as a child. Yet again, taking the high road, the “U Should’ve Known Better” singer replied, “thank God I’m not as insecure about as I used to be.”

She reflected, “My mother decided not to file charges because this negligent dentist was a dear friend’s sister. They pretended to be supportive after, but my massively swollen and poorly stitched face never looked the same! If I could remember her name, I would share it! She didn’t deserve to see patients, especially children! But to our sisters, stop pointing out each other’s flaws! It says more about YOU than it does the woman you’re talking about!”

Most recently, Monica has been spending her days posing for partnerships with her young daughter, Laiyah, and missing her former love, C-Murder.


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