Motsoaledi slams locals selling their identities to undocumented foreigners


Minister of Home Affairs Aaron Motsoaledi has warned South Africans AGAINST selling their identities. Motsoaledi made special mention of the selling of identities to undocumented foreigners.

On Wednesday, 8 June, Motsoaledi told Parliament that South African citizens who sell their identities lose their status in the country to be replaced by foreigners.

Four Home Affairs officials have been suspended for collusion with undocumented foreigners

Motsoaledi confirmed the suspension of four home affairs officials who worked at the Maponya Mall in Soweto. This followed news of officials colluding with undocumented foreigners for them to fraudulently obtain South African citizenship.

The aforementioned officials were linked to the so-called ‘Pakistani passport kingpin’. The kingpin was arrested in Krugersdorp in March this year. This after the department received information from the public alerting it to corrupt Home Affairs branches in their communities.

Communities are blowing the whistle on corrupt branches and arrests will continue

Motsoaledi said members of the public have come out in their numbers to inform them about the corruption. He explained that arrests are ongoing and they will continue to do so.

“Members of the public have come out in large numbers to tell us where corruption is taking place. We arrest, we don’t stop. In the coming weeks we will continue to arrest more people, foreign nationals and South Africans involved in passport fraud and other forms of identity fraud. We continue to be concerned about those South Africans who are willing to sell their identities. Such acts mean that those South Africans lose their status in the country, to be replaced by a foreign national. We urge South Africans to stop selling their identities,”

said Motsoaledi.

The Minister said his department is also increasing its team of analysts and investigators who are responsible for investigating and tracking fraud and corruption in the department, reports TimesLIVE.

South African passports and IDs can be bought for as little as R156 on dark web

Previously, it was reported that a dark web case study by cyber security company NordVPN found that hackers can earn up to $17,3 million (R270,4m) by selling stolen data via online marketplaces. 

Documents, email addresses, accounts and financial information are the most sought-after and common items on dark web markets. South African data is among the cheapest in the world. An SA passport or ID can both be bought for as little as $9.99 (R156) – the fourth cheapest on the list.

For comparison, the most expensive passports – from the Czech Republic, Lithuania and Slovakia – cost $3800 (R59 240) on the dark web. The report also shows that South African payment card data can be bought for approximately R143 while a batch of personal email addresses costs R156. Read the full story here.


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