Mushroom and cashew curry: Weekly family comfort food


Summer in South Africa is reaching its end, but it’s still often rainy in the afternoons and evenings. You might be stuck indoors and want a bit of warm comfort food and curry is the way to go. There are so many variations of curry and we have created a delicious garam masala mushroom and cashew curry. It’s spicy, aromatic, creamy and meaty thanks to some mushrooms.

It’s a great meal to enjoy with the whole family, especially if you want to start cutting out meat from your diet. If you are just starting to remove meat from your diet, doing it a few times a week to start is a good idea.

More about your mushroom and cashew curry

The ghee in the recipe is just clarified butter which is made by simmering the butter to a point where solids separate from clear butter fat. You might find it ready made in some shops. You can use a vegan or vegetarian butter substitute too if you want to remove the dairy. Mushrooms add great nutritional value but also that meaty texture you might be looking for. The rest of the curry includes all the classic curry flavours you know and love so much.

A classic curry with a mushroom twist. Our mushroom and cashew curry is a classic curry which can be enjoyed by everyone in the family as it rains.

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