Mysonne Says Akademiks Is “Hip-Hop Cancer” For Hyping Up King Von’s Alleged Killer

Mysonne Says Akademiks Is “Hip-Hop Cancer” For Hyping Up King Von’s Alleged Killer

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Mysonne calls DJ Akademiks a hip-hop “cancer” for hyping up beef in Chicago.

DJ Akademiks has been reporting on Lul Tim’s upcoming music career, informing his millions of followers about King Von’s suspected killer’s new music video this weekend. On Twitch, the hip-hop media personality spoke at length about Lul Tim’s new music and many have accused Ak of hyping up retaliatory beef in Chicago, including New York City OG rapper Mysonne. 

Reacting to Akademiks’ recent Twitch stream, where he repeatedly spoke about how Lul Tim is “unbothered” and “happy” in his music, Mysonne accused the blogger of being a “cancer” to hip-hop and perpetuating violence in Chicago and other cities.

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“So listen, this is why I say that this man is a cancer,” said Mysonne about DJ Akademiks, reacting to the Lul Tim-referencing stream. “This is why I say this man is dangerous to hip-hop. I’ve never met this man, I’ve never personally seen him and it’s not like me to speak about somebody I never personally met. I don’t have no personal issues with [Akademiks.] It’s never been anything personal. It’s shit like this. It’s understanding that this man that’s not even from the streets, don’t have a street bone in his body, never been in the streets, but this man is responsible for continuing to hype real beef when people are getting murdered. People are facing murder charges, people are dying. This man is literally trying to gaslight somebody to retaliate against [Lul Tim.]”

Lul Tim gained infamy and notoriety for allegedly killing rapper King Von. Tim, whose real name is Timothy Leeks, spent some time in jail before being released and now, he appears to be starting up a music career.

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“He’s sitting there trying to gas the man like, ‘He look too comfortable, he just chilling, he look like he gaining weight.’ Like somebody else is now supposed to retaliate and kill this man because he’s so comfortable,” added Mysonne. “This is the shit I’m talking about. Akademiks is a clown, he’s an all-the-way clown. His only claim to fame is hyping up beef in Chicago and being responsible for gassing and hyping up beef in Chicago. This is the type of people that y’all allow to have a motherfucking say in this culture.”

Mysonne concludes that he would understand better if Akademiks were actually from the streets, but because he’s not, this has been bothering him. Watch the video below and let us know if you agree.

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