N.O.R.E Confirms Drake Will Not Appear On “Drink Champs”

N.O.R.E Confirms Drake Will Not Appear On “Drink Champs”

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N.O.R.E confirms that Drake will not be appearing on “Drink Champs,” though he hasn’t given up hope.

Drink Champs has established itself as one of the foremost podcasts in hip-hop entertainment, and the charismatic team of N.O.R.E and DJ EFN have kept the conversations flowing — with a little help from the sauce, of course.

And while they have chopped it up with no shortage of rap legends, there are some who have yet to sit down at the Drink Champs table. While Drake was originally rumored to be appearing on the program — N.O.R.E himself seemed to indicate as much at the end of September, shortly after the release of Certified Lover Boy — it would appear that an appearance from The Boy is not in the cards. At least, not yet.

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Speaking with HipHopDX, N.O.R.E affirmed that Drizzy’s appearance was nothing but a rumor given legs after a misunderstanding. “We ain’t get Drake, that was all a rumor,” he explains. “We were really just listening to Drake’s music and my man in the background said, ‘Drake’s on Drink Champs! And we just said, ‘Drink Champs!’

“But hey, he’s still in Miami,” continues N.O.R.E. “We’re still stalkin’ him. We don’t mind being told no. But you never know. We’re actually in Hawaii just listening to his music and randomly, someone posted it. I ran with the story because positive energy creates positive energy.”

Perhaps the rap legend’s energy will indeed pay off, as it’s beginning to feel like Drake appearing on the podcast is an inevitability. It has been rumored so often now that Drake is all but committed, and should he indeed pull up, the conversational format would likely lead to an insightful and entertaining glimpse into one of rap’s biggest stars.

Would you like to see Drake sit down on Drink Champs? 


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