If there’s anyone qualified to teach a class on rhymes, it’s Nasir Jones. 

Jones, best known as one of the most prolific rappers to ever touch a microphone or more simply, Nas, is slated to educate the masses starting October 14. And despite there being no concrete description of exactly what Nas will be teaching in his upcoming MasterClass, it can be assumed that bars and beats will be a part of it. 

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MasterClass, a digital platform on which students can go through tutorials and listen to lectures given by experts in specific fields, is the perfect place for Nas, arguably the best ever at putting words together. After multiple decades of double and triple entendres tucked into intricate flows and packaged to tell meaningful stories, it only makes sense that the NASIR rapper would try to explain his skill to those who want to learn.

And it only makes sense that he brings Hit-Boy with him. 

In a MasterClass preview video posted to Nas’ official Instagram page, we see Nas and Hit-Boy in the studio. Hit-Boy ponders over some keys and Nas spits a quick four bars and the video is over before you know it, but the impact is sure to have is immense. 

Teaming up for King’s Disease in 2020 and King’s Disease 2 earlier this year, Nas and Hit-Boy have secured two top-five albums on the Billboard Top 200 and clearly having a music-making chemistry rappers and producers dream of. That chemistry, combined with Nas’ long, long list of accomplishments and Hit-Boy’s extensive catalog and back-to-back Producer of the Year awards at the BET Hip-Hop Awards, is sure to lend itself to students looking to make better music. 

While no plans for a third installment in the King’s Disease series have been announced, this MasterClass snippet serves a hint for what might come in the future. Nas, who joins the likes of Alicia Keys and Timbaland as a MasterClass instructor, has called his and Hit-Boy’s connection “magic” and if they’re working together for instructional purposes, it would come as no surprise if they’re working together for musical purposes. 

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