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NBA Youngboy Compares Label Deals With Artists To Slavery


NBA Youngboy compared artists’ contracts with labels to slavery.

NBA Youngboy says that he’s never been paid for any of his millions of views on YouTube and compared labels’ contracts with artists to slavery during his recent appearance on DJ Akademiks’ podcast, Off The Record.

“I think as you…you learn how badly you’ve been taken advantage of,” Youngboy began. “I never got paid for YouTube a day in my life. N***as make all the money off my YouTube, and then give me a small percentage of my sh*t. All that shit slavery or something. But you know, that’s what we signed up for in this business.”

The statement comes days after all of Youngboy’s YouTube videos were mysteriously taken down from the site.

NBA Youngboy, Slavery
Paras Griffin/Getty Images

He continued to suggest that one of the only people in the music industry he trusts is Mike Caren the founder of Artist Partner Group and Creative Officer at Warner Music Group.

“Other than being a free-agent, or being signed to Stunna, I don’t wanna do no business with nobody but Mike Caren,” he admitted. “I feel like, Mike gonna support me. … He was open to my ideas, he didn’t try to control the artist or the way I present myself.”

Check out Youngboy’s appearance on Off The Record below.



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