NBA YoungBoy Seeks House Arrest In Utah But May Hit A Snag With Request

NBA YoungBoy Seeks House Arrest In Utah But May Hit A Snag With Request

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Attorneys hope the court allows YoungBoy to live with his mentor, but prosecutors question her motives after learning he allegedly paid her $600K.

He has spent the better part of 2021 behind bars and NBA YoungBoy is once again pleading with the courts to set him free. The rapper was arrested in Los Angeles early this year on federal weapons charges related to his arrest in Baton Rouge back in September 2020. His attorneys have been working overtime to rid the rapper of the charges, but in the meantime, Rolling Stone reports that they are now seeking YoungBoy’s release as he awaits trial.

We previously reported on this news, but the outlet has given more details regarding YoungBoy’s lawyers suggesting that he spend his pre-trail days in Utah with a mentor who will help keep him on track and out of trouble.

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This mentor’s name is Kyrie Oliver, and she is reportedly a woman who met the rapper while she was working at a school in Baton Rouge. They have reportedly maintained a healthy relationship and Oliver told the court that she would monitor YoungBoy if he was placed on house arrest in the BeeHive state. Documents also reportedly stated that the suggested house arrest will also include private guards.

Yet, there has been pushback from prosecutors because YoungBoy is said to have paid Oliver $600K earlier this year and they believe it throws a wrench into the defense’s plans. Prosecutors are questioning Oliver’s intentions.

In a new motion obtained by Rolling Stone, prosecutors take direct aim at Oliver’s testimony, saying they were blindsided by her appearance as a defense witness Monday and believe she left out a “significant detail” about her alleged conflict of interest in the case.

In their 4-page filing, federal prosecutors claim YoungBoy, whose legal name is Kentrell Gaulden, paid Oliver nearly $600,000 between January 4th and February 1st for “celebrity assistant” services. They argue the large sum of money “calls into question her suitability to serve as a quasi-custodian” for YoungBoy because challenging him “would risk her and her family losing a substantial financial pipeline.”

A court has yet to rule. NBA YoungBoy is reportedly set to return to court this Friday (October 22) as a judge reviews his attorneys’ “motion to suppress video evidence collected by law enforcement.”


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