NeNe Leakes Posts Up With Her Man After Rumoured Hook-Up Shares Photo Of Her In Bed

NeNe Leakes Posts Up With Her Man After Rumoured Hook-Up Shares Photo Of Her In Bed

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NeNe is clearly unbothered by all the drama.

NeNe Leakes has been spending plenty of time with her new boyfriend, Nyonisela Sioh. The Real Housewives of Atlanta alum shared a video driving around with her “silver fox” blasting music as they share smiles and laughs. “Happy xmas eve,” she wrote with a red heart emoji.

The festive message comes just hours after @stp_temp on Instagram shared photos of he and the reality star getting close and kissing in a club. “Since mf’s wanna leak my shit and run false headlines might as well share the truth,” he wrote.

“Last few months been amazing and eye opening. Nothing but love for you Linnethia and I wish you the best,” he concluded his post. Screenshots uploaded to The Shade Room reveal that the same account also shared a sneaky link selfie of him laying shirtless in bed next to NeNe, who appears to be asleep in a white tank top.

Other clips uploaded show NeNe and her alleged hook up seemingly turning up and listening to music. “Even if I hit you once you part of my collection,” lyrics from Future’s “My Collection” can be heard playing over @stp_temp’s Instagram story, where he shared his feed post about their situationship for more people to see.

From what we can decipher, it seems as though Temp and NeNe may have hooked up, or at the very least, spent some time together, and now that she’s in a new relationship he’s feeling some type of way. The Shade Room reports that the man claims he and the socialite were “more than cut buddies but less than exclusive,” also adding that their relationship “hasn’t really ended.”

Despite his claims, NeNe only seems concerned with Nyonisela, as she’s been sharing plenty of footage of their romantic date nights to her profile.


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