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New “Atlanta” Season 3 Trailer Arrives Ahead Of This Month’s Premiere


Season three of “Atlanta” will premiere on March 24th.

It’s nearly Atlanta time. Ahead of the show’s season three premiere later this month, Donald Glover and co. have dropped off a new, highly entertaining trailer that gives viewers an idea as to what antics we can expect to see Earn, Paper Boi, Darius, and Vanessa getting up to over the coming episodes.

As Complex reports, the latest installment takes us overseas to Europe, as Paper heads out on tour and his friends roam through the streets, getting into all kinds of trouble as they take over various cities.

Season three was shot on location, and last month, reports began surfacing that the cast and crew were harassed by racists in London. Stephen Glover, who writes and executive produces Atlanta spoke on the incident, explaining that the team was “approached by a group of drunk people” who threw insults at them, also suggesting that they could “easily break into a bar because they carry guns.”

“It was so insulting, but not insulting at the same time,” Stephen recalled. “It took us five minutes to fully understand. He got to a point of like if the insulation was lost of us, he got specific and he was like, ‘You guys are Black, you’ve gone to jail and you do things like that’ Like he kept doubling down on it.”

Prince Williams/Getty Images 

Shortly after, Donald – who plays Earn on-screen – shared a tweet about the altercation, calling out the headline using the term “racially abused” as “lame.” The “Heartbeat” rapper went on, “The story is true. But we were all laughing tellin it.”

Season three of Atlanta premieres on March 24th on FX – check out the new trailer below, and let us know if you plan to tune in in the comments.



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