New dance song about goat rapist Mamboyi

New dance song about goat rapist Mamboyi

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A producer of Gqom music, a sub-genre of South African house music, did not hesitate to start recording when the goat rapist Mamboyi trended for the wrong reasons.

Amawele asechesterville and friends on Facebook posted a snippet of the new song titled McMamboyi which has left many in stitches.


The 24 seconds clip is a combination of a Gqom beat and the speech from the video clip where Mamboyi was confronted for his inhumane act over the animal.

The art cover of the song includes a white goat, the title of the song McMamboyi and the producer’s name, Mitchell of Gqom.

Watch/ listen here:

The incident is understood to have been filmed or taken place in the Eastern Cape.

In the clips, the goat rapist is confronted by a group of angry women who accuse him of raping a goat until it died.

During the heated confrontation, the Shepherd admitted raping the goat and further took accountability of other goats that have died in his hands.


After the video trended for a while, The National Council of SPCAs (NSPCA) started looking for Mamboyi.

NSPCA public relations officer Keshvi Nair said: “ Bestiality is a serious crime in South Africa. The NSPCA is currently trying to track where exactly the ‘shepherd’ can be found.”
“Any person who has information on where the ‘shepherd’ can be found is implored to inform the NSPCA urgently”.

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Judging by the language spoken in the video, many viewers are convinced that the incident took place in the Eastern Cape.

Keshvi added, “Information may be submitted anonymously, the NSPCA never discloses the identities of informants”.
Information can be sent to [email protected] or contact Senior Inspector Nazareth Appalsamy on 0828504383.

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