New Orleans 911 Operator On The Run After Allegedly Ending Calls On Purpose

New Orleans 911 Operator On The Run After Allegedly Ending Calls On Purpose

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Precious Stephens, who has yet to be found, is currently facing five years in prison for her crimes.

Back in August, it was discovered that 25-year-old Precious Stephens, who worked as a 911 operator, was allegedly disconnecting people calling in to report crimes on purpose. According to NOLA, the New Orleans woman is currently on the run, and has yet to be found.

The New Orleans Police Department reports that Stephens was hanging up on callers without taking down any of their information, or informing dispatchers about any ongoing emergencies.

The city’s Parish Communications District began investigating Stephens’ calls from August 20th and 21st. Just a few days later, they had collected enough evidence to turn her over to the police.

“The district reported to police that Stephens had deliberately disconnected 911 calls without obtaining vital information or informing other dispatchers about the callers who were in need of help.”

“[The Orleans Parish Communications District] has and will continue to cooperate with the investigation into this matter and is dedicated to providing any and all assistance to aid in (the) efforts,” the district said in a statement.

NOLA reports that the alleged criminal was fired for her wrongdoings, charged with malfeasance and interfering with an emergency communication, and currently faces up to five years in prison.

However, the site also notes that Stephens has been on the loose since last Thursday, and still currently remains at large.


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