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NFT Owner Drops $450K To Become Snoop Dogg’s Metaverse Neighbor: Report


Snoop’s team has been building his digital world that includes a recreation of his real-life mansion where the rapper will host exclusive parties.

There has been much talk about the Metaverse in recent months as people discuss what’s in store for Web 3. The world seems to be quickly shifting into the latest phase on the internet and online interaction, and many celebrities are making sure they get in early before it becomes more popularized and available to the masses. 

Snoop Dogg has been reportedly creating his own digital, interactive world in The Sandbox, as reported by Rolling Stone, “an Ethereum-based platform for creating and monetizing online hangout spaces and gaming experiences.”

Snoop Dogg
Noam Galai / Stringer / Getty Images

In this Snoopverse, you will find a “digital recreation of his real-life Diamond Bar, California mansion,” and apparently, you’ll be able to party with the Long Beach icon—digitally. Snoop will reportedly host private parties and elsewhere, there will be a digital venue that features concerts—and guests will create their avatars and purchase items including cars, clothes, and homes.

Last Friday (December 3), it’s reported that someone wanted to make sure they had prime real estate so they decided to drop $450K on the digital next door property. Several artists and companies are already staking their claims and it is shaping up to be financially lucrative.

Sort of like the Sims, but in real-time and real-life. Check out a taste of what Snoop has to offer in his digital world below.



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