Nhlanhla Lux speaks about alleged hit, says he’ll die for his people


Operation Dudula leader Nhlanhla Lux revealed his strong stance on the side of his beliefs. Lux stated that he is willing to die for his “people”. He was released on R1,500 bail on Monday, 28 March.

He does not doubt the movement

This follows his arrested in Johannesburg last week which made nationwide headlines. Lux mentioned that his generation needs to stand up and act against social ills and things that cause them.

He made note of late struggle icon Steve Biko’s work. The movement’s leader stated that there had been talks of putting a hit on him. He mentioned that there had been rumours of him not “lasting” for two weeks after his arrest. 

Adding to the above by saying he would be “happy underground” if he dies for his people and beliefs.

“All of us know where drugs are being sold. There’s already talk of a planned hit on me that Lux won’t last two weeks after his release – he will be shot. I will be the happiest person underground if I am going to die for my people.”

Nhlanhla Lux, Operation Dudula leader

The Operation Dudula leader is confident that if he were to be killed, there’d be many more people ready to move forward with the movement. He spoke about undocumented people allegedly trafficking girls out of South Africa.

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Lux further called for tolerance in the political sphere. He made special mention of the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF).

Is Lux working with the SAPS?

EWN reported that Lux’s lawyer, Ike Khumalo, spoke about the movement’s leader working with the Minister of Police. The work is alleged to be about engaging with other anti-migrant groups.

While the Police Ministry has not confirmed or denied the above, Lux told his supporters to work with the SAPS. In the same breath, he made accusations that SAPS officers follow instructions blindly.

“We are going to find a way to liberate the police force, then we take this country because that time is coming. We are going to move the police back to being the police force,” said Lux.

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