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Nick Grant Delivers New 4-Track EP, “Carolina Diaries”

It’s been a relatively quiet weekend as far as new releases go, but one project that you won’t want to miss is Nick Grant’s Carolina Diaries. The 4-track EP consists of “Boogey Man,” “24/8,” “Holy Ghost,” and “Automatic,” and won’t take you much longer than 10 minutes to stream.

“This EP is a series,” the recording artist explained in a recent Instagram post. “I wanted to start to get more personal in my music. Bring people that much closer by removing my ego and being completely vulnerable. Album Otw! (Cause I know you n*ggas about to ask in these comments) #kidsmakemoney.”

Grant’s EP is definitely his most personal release to date, and with a new album on the way, only time will tell how much more raw and vulnerable he’ll be willing to get with his listeners. From the looks of the comment section, fans have been loving Carolina Diaries, with endless people dropping off their favourite lyrics and telling the rapper they’ve been listening all weekend long.

What would you like to hear from Nick Grant on his forthcoming album? Leave a comment and let us know.


1. Boogey Man

2. 24/8

3. Holy Ghost

4. Automatic

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