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Nicki Minaj Calls Out “RHOP” Husband For Complaining About “Line Of Questioning”


He clapped back at the rapper and said he was supporting his wife, Candaice Dillard. She came forward with an explanation of her own.

The cast of Real Housewives of Potomac was in a tizzy at the very thought of Nicki Minaj hosting a portion of their reunion special, but not everyone enjoyed her appearance. The rapper’s fans as well as those dedicated Real Housewives viewers were anticipating Minaj’s arrival on set for what has been a long, multi-episode reunion special. The cast has been detailing their more controversial moments as they joined together once again, and Minaj added her voice to the mix as a fan of the show.

In a between-the-scenes clip that aired during the reunion, viewers were given a look at a brief conversation that occurred when they were taking a quick break. Candaice Dillard was grilled by Minaj like the others in the cast, but her husband didn’t take kindly to the “line of questioning.”

Bravo TV aired what happened when the cast believed cameras weren’t rolling and Chris approached his wife with an attitude. He told her he wasn’t happy with the way her segment went down, and when complaining to Andy Cohen, Chris was told that it was a good look for his wife. Later, Minaj watched the scene with the rest of the world and called out Chris online.

“Candy gurl husband rlly need to sit his ass down chi LMFAO #RHOP,” she tweeted. “He rlly fell & bumped his head for a quick lil min chi. ‘The line of questioning’ wha? EnTway.” Chris didn’t take the taunting laying down and replied, “I don’t need to do nothing but support my wife.”

Later, Candaice hopped online to speak about the controversy, telling fans that her husband was upset that Minaj questioned the validity of her music career and asked her to sing. Check it out below.


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