Nicki Minaj Denies Having Conversation With Remy Ma About Diss Songs –


Nicki Minaj has refuted comments made by Remy Ma during Remy’s recent appearance on the Drink Champs podcast. During the episode, the Bronx native said she and Nicki had a conversation agreeing not to diss one another prior to their back-and-forth following Remy’s release from prison.

However, Minaj says that the conversation Remy spoke of never occurred. “He must be misunderstanding what she saying to him,” Minaj commented beneath an IG post of the clip from Remy’s Drink Champs episode. “Did he say? ‘This is you telling her that?’ For the record, I’ve never had this conversation with her or anyone.”

In the portion of the interview discussing Nicki, Remy told host N.O.R.E. that she had been corresponding with her Queens counterpart at one time, which is why a subliminal diss directed at her from Minaj caught her off guard. “We had conversations, regular conversations,” recalled Remy. “I never saw that one coming, because I felt like we had a conversation with her, because I’ve been in this predicament before, where I was the girl just coming in…” She added, “I just always felt like anything I say, people are gonna say I’m talking about her, anything she say, people are gonna say she’s talking about me, so let’s make an agreement that we never talk about each other.”

When pressed by N.O.R.E. to contextualize her statements regarding those interactions with Minaj, Remy continued, adding, “Conversations. This is not even telling her. It’s like a conversation—a back-and-forth. I feel like any woman, you’re supposed to feel like you’re the sh*t. What you’re supposed to do? Get on a song and be, like, ‘Yeah, I’m No. 2, or I’m No. 3?’ No. You’re supposed to talk like you’re that b*tch and you’re the sh*t. Just never let it get there. And it was just certain sh*t that transpired behind the scenes, messages that I seen, that I know wasn’t fabricated. And I was just like, ‘Nah.’”

Remy has yet to respond to Nicki Minaj, with whom she was embroiled in an epic war of words, with Remy dropping the Minaj diss record “Shether” in 2017. Minaj would respond to Remy on her own 2017 single, “No Frauds,” however, the beef has since simmered, with both sides remaining relatively mum.

Watch Remy Ma’s Drink Champs episode below.


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