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Nicki Minaj Didn’t Hold Back While Hosting The “RHOP” Reunion

Yesterday’s Real Housewives of Potomac reunion trailer teased a tense moment between the evening’s host, Grammy-nominated rapper Nicki Minaj, and reality star/singer Candiace Dillard. The clip in question showed the mother of one grilling Dillard over her song, “Drive Back,” and now we know that she actually asked her to perform it on the spot.

While they were discussing the song, some of the other women didn’t hesitate to throw shade, with Mia insisting it was a -2/10, despite the face that she hadn’t listened to it. Others were slightly more supportive, but as an industry expert, the “Did It On ‘Em” artist knew which questions to ask to get the answers she was looking for.

“Let me ask you this. If I had a record label, which I do, what would be the selling point that your manager went to the label and said ‘Girl, you gotta check out Candiace because boom?” Minaj inquired. Dillard told the superstar that her vocal ability is her stand-out feature, to which the host said, “I can hear that you used autotune in the song ‘Drive Back, even though I liked that song,” she said. “So we need to hear some acapella child. Sing something acapella for us.”

Following a few awkward moments of hesitation and some snippy comments from the other housewives, Dillard sung a few lines from her song, and was immediately met with applause from everyone – including Nicki Minaj, and Mia, despite her earlier hate. 

“I saw the whole thing,” Dillard’s husband can be heard saying upon approaching her. “Every bit of it, we’ll talk about it later,” he added, clearly upset by what had just gone down on camera. When asked what had gotten him in his feelings, Bassett explained, “the line of questioning and the way it was going. I didn’t like that.”

The RHOP star told her partner that she wasn’t upset because the host was targeting everyone with tough questions. Usual host Andy Cohen walked up to the couple, giving Dillard props for how she handled Minaj’s verbal line of fire. “You sang you f*cking song, and you brought the roof down,” he told the recording artist.

Of course, Minaj has been hyping her appearance up on social media, and even provided her own take on events to her Twitter followers. “Candy gurl husband rlly need to sit his ass down chi LMFAO,” Minaj wrote. “I don’t need to do nothing but support my wife,” Bassett promptly responded. The Head Barb also addressed fan commentary about the episode, hating on Chris, by replying, “he rlly fell & bumped his head for a quick lil min chi. ‘The line of questioning’ wha? EnTway.”

Elsewhere online, the “Anaconda” rapper called out cast member Dr. Wendy Osefo for looking at her question cards during the commercial break. “I’m that chick that leaves my money, jewelry, etc out around ppl cuz i just trust everyone is like me & won’t violate. I HATE when ppl do sneaky things like that chi.”

See Dr. Wendy’s response below.


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