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Nicole Brown’s Sister Blasts Kim Kardashian For “Insensitive” O.J. Simpson Joke On “SNL”


Tanya Brown called Kardashian’s comments “distasteful.”

It’s been several days since Kim Kardashian made her Saturday Night Live debut, but the socialite’s opening monologue from the evening is still making headlines. Unfortunately for the 40-year-old, the latest ones come bringing news that isn’t so good.

Although her speech seemed to go off without a hitch at the time, and even earned her bountiful laughs from the audience, some jokes made by Kardashian are now being dubbed “distasteful” and “insensitive,” particularly those made about O.J. Simpson.

“A real passion of mine is getting wrongly accused people out of jail,” the mother of four said on Saturday. “I think I’m following in my father’s footsteps. You know, my father was, and still is, such an influence and inspiration to me.”

As you may know, Robert Kardashian famously helped out his pal, Simpson, by joining his legal team during the latter’s 1995 murder trial. This caused a major rift in the already damaged relationship between Robert and Kris Jenner, seeing as she was close friends with the late Nicole.

“I credit [my dad] with really opening my eyes to racial injustice,” the KKW Beauty mogul continued. “It’s because of him that I met my first Black person. Wanna take a “stab” in the dark at who it was?” she joked.

Although the audience didn’t hesitate to laugh at the controversial comedy, Nicole’s sister, Tanya, is not impressed with Kardashian (or the SNL writer’s) antics.

According to TMZ, Tanya thinks the reality star’s jokes were “in poor taste,” and that her sister’s death shouldn’t be made light of or portrayed as a joke. The speech was “beyond inappropriate and insensitive,” and reportedly left Tanya wondering how much the Kardashian family actually cared about Nicole. 

On a lighter note, the SKIMS owner also mentioned her estranged husband, Kanye West, during her airtime, calling him the “greatest rapper of all time.”

Do you think Kim and SNL took things too far during last weekend’s opening monologue? Share which side you’re on below.



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