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Nike Mag Autographed By Michael J. Fox Could Fetch Insane Amount At Auction


These kicks are perfect for all of the “Back To The Future” fans out there.

Back in the 80s, Michael J. Fox got to play the iconic character Marty McFly in the Back To The Future movies. The second film in the series was known for the introduction of what is now known as the Nike Mag. At the time, these shoes were nothing but a concept created by the mind of Tinker Hatfield. The shoes were big and futuristic and their most striking feature was the ability to lace up by themselves. 

Now, Nike has developed the technology for shoes to lace up by themselves although it is still a bit of a work in progress. As for the Nike Mag, the shoe was brought back with auto-lacing capabilities in 2015. Just a few years prior, the Nike Mag received a real-life version although the major difference is that the laces were not, indeed, automatic. 

Image via Sotheby’s

Now, one of the pairs from 2011 is being sold at auction through Sotheby’s. As you can see in the image above, the shoe is signed by Michael J. Fox all while the actual pair is a size 13. These are nothing short of impressive and while they may not lace up on their own, they are still pretty damn cool.

The auction is set to last all the way until Thursday, September 13th and according to Sotheby’s, they expect to sell the shoe for upwards of $50,000.

Let us know if you would cop these for $50K, in the comments section below.


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