Nikita Dragun Switches Up On Tyga After Seemingly Outing Him

Nikita Dragun Switches Up On Tyga After Seemingly Outing Him

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Nikita Dragun backtracks after seemingly outing Tyga in her new music video.

Nikita Dragun has been trending for the last few days and the release of her “D.I.C.K.” music video. The transgender YouTube star is known for her numerous controversies, including several accusations of racism against Black women. With the release of her new video, Nikita threw shade at Asian Doll by including her images and writing the word “DICK” over her, as well as saying that the rapper stole one of her looks. She also came for Tyga, seemingly outing the California native by leaking their direct messages.

While the DMs were harmless and only included a message saying “Text me” with Tyga’s phone number, many assumed that the two had a sexual relationship of sorts — especially since only a few weeks ago, Tyga’s ex Blac Chyna called him out and said he “loves trans” people. T-Raw responded and said that he reached out to Nikita because his production company was working on a music video of hers, and now Nikita is clapping back herself, saying that she never insinuated they had sex.

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“And no. I didn’t not hookup with all the people in the video,” she said. However, since she said she didn’t NOT hook up with the people in the video, she may be contradicting herself. She continued, “Y’all are so quick to sexualize Trans Women. We can be friends with dudes. It is U who put the narrative that a man will only want to be with a Trans woman for sex.”

What do you think of Nikita’s response. Do you think she was simply looking for clout by including Tyga in the video, before telling the world that she was never even insinuating that anything happened with him? And what do you think of this entire situation? Let us know in the comments.

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