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Nipsey Hussle Murder Trial To Begin On Wednesday


The murder trial regarding the killing of Nipsey Hussle is slated to begin on Wednesday with opening arguments being presented to the jury.

Opening arguments in the trial regarding the murder of Nipsey Hussle are expected to begin on Wednesday after jury selection concluded, earlier this week. Hussle was shot and killed outside his Los Angeles clothing store back in 2019.

Defendant Eric Ronald Holder Jr. stands accused of shooting Hussle after a dispute with the rapper which included allegations of “snitching.”

“Apparently the conversation had something to do with Mr. Asghedom telling Mr. Holder that word on the street was that Mr. Holder was snitching,” Deputy District Attorney John McKinney told a grand jury in 2019, adding that snitching, “in the gang world, is a very serious offense.”

Nipsey Hussle, Trial
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“The conversation wasn’t particularly intense, it wasn’t particularly belligerent and it lasted for about four minutes,” he added, while noting that it was still “enough that it moved Eric Holder to a point of wanting to return to the parking lot and kill Nipsey Hussle.”

Officials claim that both Hussle and Holder were affiliated with the Rollin’ 60s gang in South Los Angeles.

Hussle suffered 11 gunshot wounds, two of which came from the same bullet, according to Deputy Medical Examiner Lawrence Nguyen.

Holder has remained in jail since he was arrested back on April 2, 2019, after a witness reported to police that they had seen him. He has pleaded not guilty to murder and attempted murder charges.

Hussle was 33 years old at the time of his death. In the wake of his passing, he was awarded two posthumous Grammy Awards for the songs “Racks in the Middle” and “Higher.”



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