North Korea reportedly fires missile in fourth test this month


North Korea fired what may have been a ballistic missile on Monday, in its fourth such test this month amid calls for increased sanctions from the United States, according to South Korea and Japan.

South Korea’s military reported that North Korea launched an “unidentified projectile” off of its east coast and into the ocean, according to Reuters. Japan’s government said it could have been a ballistic missile.

On Friday, North Korea launched two presumed short-range ballistic missiles (SRBMs), which South Korea detected.

The launches comes days after the U.S. Treasury Department sanctioned five North Korean people who it says are responsible for procuring goods for Pyongyang’s ballistic missile program, a move that the reclusive nation called a “provocation.”

President Biden also called on the U.N. Security Council to blacklist the North Korean individuals and entities.

While Biden has long called for open dialogues between North Korea and the U.S., the administration has taken no steps to entice the nation to begin such talks. The latest launch adds to the growing pressure for the Biden administration to take action.

North Korea has defended the missile tests as its sovereign right to self-defense, according to Reuters. And it has accused the U.S. of escalating the situation with economic sanctions.


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