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North West Goes On Livestream, Shows Off Kardashian Mansion


The eight-year-old even ran into mom Kim Kardashian’s room after telling her viewers that she’s not allowed to go Live.

To be one of the most visible famous families in the world, the Kardashian-Jenners do not play around about their privacy. They update on their lives by sharing staged vacation photos to social media or appear at red carpet events dolled up in designer ‘fits that only a select elite can afford, but when it comes to those private, candid moments, the Keeping Up With the Kardashians crew typically closes the veil.

However, the next generation of the reality star brood has been making waves on social media, especially North West. Mom Kim Kardashian made a joint TikTok account with her eldest, but the eight-year-old has been causing havoc for her family after going on Livestream.

Brief clips have circulated online that show the ins and outs of Kim’s home—well, not everything, but much more than the model mogul would have hoped. North and her friends decided to pop up on Live while showing off decorations around the house, different rooms, and North even caught her mom lounging in an enormous bed while watching a floor-to-ceiling television. 

At one point, North eggs on her viewers and asks them to say “yes” if they wanted to see more, and by her response, the affirmations came pouring in. The entirety of the situation was made even more comical because North didn’t seem to care about the consequences. She can be heard saying she’s not allowed to go Live and even shouted to her mother that she was streaming. Fans can’t get enough of the rambunctious West.

Check out a few highlights below. 


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