Nothing will save Putin from God’s wrath, says Ukraine’s permanent UN rep. Kyslytsya


Serhiy Kyslytsya

Serhiy Kyslytsya

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“Thousands of Ukrainian men and women have stood up to defend their nation and the future of their children, and, let us be frank, by doing so they defend the entire European continent and beyond,” Kyslytsya said.

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“They are fighting against a cruel enemy. An enemy that has come to kill, to destroy, to steal and to humiliate. An enemy that makes no distinction between military and civilians. An enemy that does not consider itself to be bound by any norms or rules.”

“Neither power, nor the army, nor wealth will save the evil Putin and his wicked henchmen from the wrath of God,” Kyslytsya added.

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“Putin and his minions can put on heavy gold crosses and walk in circles with shamans and Gundyaevs,” the diplomat said, referring to pagan holy men and the family name of Moscow Patriarch Kirill, the head of the Russian Orthodox Church, which supports Russia’s war on Ukraine.

In his speech, Kyslytsya recalled the tens of thousands of civilians casualties in Kyiv Oblast and Mariupol, where he said more people had been killed than during the Nazi invasion during the Second World War.


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