These celebrity boxing matches have made for huge paydays and promoters are more than willing to add a famous name to their lineup of matches. Lamar Odom has been transitioning his career from the court to the ring in recent months, and what seemed to have been a one-off event has turned into a lineup of wins. 

The former Los Angeles Lakers icon has had a few close calls over the years, most notably his near-fatal overdose. Now that he has recovered, Odom has been lacing up his gloves, and O.T. Genasis may want his turn at a round for round bout.

The Long Beach rapper caught up with TMZ and discussed the possibility of facing off against Odom in the future. 

“I don’t know, a lot of people ask me that but I gotta be disciplined,” said Genasis when asked if he would sign up for a fight. “I gotta take a whole lotta time off of making music and investing. I gotta put a lot of time just into being gin the gym if I want to do that.” The cameraperson added that Odom is looking for an opponent.

“I’m skilled differently,” said Genasis. “I mean…if the paper was right and I had to stop everything I was doing.” He didn’t specify the number of zeroes that would get him in the ring, but he guaranteed that there would be a “man down.” He added, “I’m really skilled… I privately train. I don’t show what I do.”

Watch O.T. Genasis speak about his possible future in boxing below.