Fans and friends continue to mourn the loss of comedian Anthony Johnson. People like Ice Cube and other friends of AJ shared their fondest memories of the actor on social media. Meanwhile, it appears that plenty of celebrities have been quietly making contributions to help cover funeral costs. 

According to TMZ, several celebrities, including Offset, have made some big contributions to the family’s GoFundMe page. Lexis Jones Mason, Johnson’s widow, told TMZ that they’ve received upwards of $70K in donations from celebrities and random donors. Offset reportedly chipped in $5000 for the funeral service. Michael Blackson also donated $10K. 

Lil Rel Howery stated that he felt it was only right since he regards the comedy circle as a brotherhood. Howery reportedly donated $4K to the GoFundMe page. Other celebrities who contributed towards funeral arrangements were Fat Joe, D.L. Hughley, Faizon Love, and D.C Youngfly, among many others.

Mason previously revealed that her family had been struggling to cover the cost of his funeral which amounted to roughly $15K. The launch of the GoFundMe, and the support from people like Michael Blackson helped her exceed the target amount. She explained that the money leftover will also go towards Johnson’s four children, as well as helping launch a comedy school for underprivileged youth in honor of Anthony Johnson. 

The family explained that they’re grateful for the support and donations they’ve received to help carry AJ’s legacy.