Omerettà The Great Delivers On “Super Gremlin Remix”

Omerettà The Great Delivers On “Super Gremlin Remix”


Coming off the buzz of her controversial release “Sorry Not Sorry”, which questioned the true areas that make up Atlanta, Omerettà The Great continues spitting fire with Monday’s release of her “SUPER GREMLIN” Remix.

Known for posting her heavy hitting freestyles on social media, Omerettà The Great continues to shine as one of ATL’s most promising rising artists. 

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In her remix, Omerettà immediately starts snapping with the first few bars, letting everyone know, “The greatest is back.” 

She continues on the track addressing the lack of recognition she’s been getting, as well as the haters who doubt her skills and wordplay. Throughout the visuals for this new track, rings of fire frequently appear on the screen, most likely alluding to the hot verses she’s laying on the track. 

For the song’s release, she took to Instagram to post a snippet of her new visuals, with a subtle note to check the link in her bio.

“Wait what I miss?? #LinkInMyBio” her caption read.

Though the song is just under two minutes long, Omeretta leaves no stone unturned when it comes to addressing what people have to say about her.

Check out her remix of Kodak Black’s “Super Gremlin” below.

Quotable Lyrics

And deep down inside these h**s wanna be me
They say I can’t rap then stealin’ my clothes
Say I can’t dress but be stealing my clothes
They be watching my moves and be stealin the code
You can steal everything but you still ain’t the GOAT 

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