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Omerettà The Great Refuses To Beef With Latto To Better Their Careers


After someone told the rapper that she could benefit from a Rap beef with Latto, Omerettà shut it down.

Music fans have been entertained by Rap beefs for decades, but not every artist is looking to be at odds with their peers. We’ve seen real beefs turn sour—and violent—while others have been formulated to help propel a rapper’s career. Whether they are true-blue or fabricated, beefs often steal attention in Hip Hop and make for great diss tracks, but when someone suggested that Omerettà The Great go at it with another woman in Rap, she wasn’t having it. 

Omerettà has been enjoying her viral moment after her “Sorry Not Sorry” single caused havoc. She told the world what she considered to be the real Atlanta, and although it rubbed a few the wrong way and prompted responses from major artists like Ludacris and T.I., Omerettà was unmoved.

The rapper would later return with her “Sorry Not Sorry (Remix)” which hosted an impressive feature from fellow Georgian Latto. Although they came together in peace, a Twitter user recently told Omerettà that they would like to see her beef with the 777 star. “It would be smart for both their careers,” the person said.

“I wonder why y’all never do this to n*ggas[thinking emoji] this Female rap beef sh*t so played out,” the rapper responded. Her fans and followers were quick to co-sign and they praised her recent collaboration with Latto. Doesn’t look like there will be any beef here. Check it out below and make sure to read our interview: Omerettà The Great On “Sorry Not Sorry” Success, Leaving “Love & Hip-Hop,” & Readying New Project.


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