OT The Real & Benny The Butcher Take It To The Streets For The “Coke & Guns” Video


From the studio to the streets.

When OT The Real tapped Benny the Butcher for “Coke & Guns” back in November, it felt like a match made in heaven. 

Rapping over hard-hitting DJ Green Lantern production, OT and Benny trade verses about their rise to fame in the streets, and their subsequent transitions into the rap game. But while both rappers have experienced (varying levels) success in music, “Coke & Guns” would make you think there’s an itch to get back into the lives they lived before hip hop. 

Along with OT’s new album Broken Glass, the Philly rapper dropped brand-new visuals for “Coke & Guns,” bringing the record to life for fans to see. Trapesing through New York City streets at least ten deep, OT and Benny make their way into the booth and paint a perfect picture of their ascension from the sidewalk to the studio. 

Check out the “Coke & Guns” video and let us know what you think down in the comments. 


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