Oven-roasted feta and mushroom pasta: Budget-friendly and tasty


Creamy indulgence at its best. This oven-roasted feta and mushroom pasta is a quick midweek meal to prepare for the family. It is packed with rich umami flavour. Not only is this dish lip-smackingly delicious, but it is budget-friendly too.

If you are considering implementing Meatless Monday, this recipe is a good start as you will not miss the meat at all. Mushrooms add that much-loved meatiness to any dish without the corresponding calories. Not only will you save on your meat bill but also on calories making this an excellent dish for the family.

Health benefits of preparing our oven-roasted feta and mushroom pasta

Let’s zoom in for a moment on the benefits of enjoying mushrooms regularly in your diet. As mentioned, mushrooms are low in calories while at the same time they are a good source of fiber, protein, and antioxidants. Research suggests that mushrooms can assist to lower your risk of developing health conditions like diabetes, cancer, heart disease and Alzheimer’s.

Not only do mushrooms taste incredible, but they are great for your health too. So much more reason to increase our weekly mushroom intake!

Looking for more delicious mushroom recipes to prepare for your family and friends? Just have a look at our recipe page, we have excellent suggestions for you to try.

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