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Parents Change Story On Last Time They Saw Him


Brian Laundrie’s parents issued a statement through their family attorney, changing their story on the last time they saw him.

The hunt for Brian Laundrie continues, and now his parents are changing their story regarding the last time they saw him.

Laundrie has been missing for over three weeks now, and he remains the main suspect connected to the murder of Gabby Petito, his fiancée. A lot of information has been released since Petito’s body was found, including a video of Petito speaking to the police about a physical fight she got into with Laundrie, during which he allegedly hit her. Laundrie’s sister has spoken out in the media, claiming that she hasn’t heard from her brother or their parents in weeks, and now their parents have changed their own story on the last time they encountered Laundrie.

Octavio Jones/Getty Images — FBI agents begin to take away evidence from the family home of Brian Laundrie

In a statement provided to NewsNation by Laundrie’s parents’ attorney Steven Bertolino, it was revealed that Laundrie’s parents are now stating that the final time they saw their son was on September 13, which is one day earlier than what they told investigators. Previously, they said that they had last seen him on September 14, when they believed he went for a hike in Carlton Reserve in Florida.

“The Laundries were basing the date Brian left on their recollection of certain events,” said Bertolino. “Upon further communication with the FBI and confirmation of the Mustang being at the Laundrie residence on Wednesday, September 15, we now believe the day Brian left to hike in the preserve was Monday, September 13.”

Brian Laundrie returned home at the beginning of September without Gabby Petito following a cross-country road trip. He was added to the missing persons list on September 17. On September 19, Gabby Petito’s body was found in Wyoming. Her death was ruled a homicide.

Octavio Jones/Getty Images

Cassie Laundrie, Brian’s sister, previously said that she had not seen or spoken to her brother since September 6. She has also not been in contact with her parents, who many believe may have aided Brian to get a headstart before going into hiding.

We will continue to keep you posted as more updates come in the Gabby Petito/Brian Laundrie story.



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