Partnership between EA Sports and FIFA comes to an end


Sad news in the world of football video gaming as EA Sports breaks ties with FIFA. The original FIFA International Soccer game set off years of partnership between the football body and EA Sports. As years went by, the game developers kept on releasing football video games titled using FIFA. The partnership between these sides saw growth as the EA Sports football game became the world’s largest sports video game franchise.

Being available on various game consoles like Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo, etc, made the FIFA game even more popular. Gamers would in fact be torn between FIFA and its closest rival PES. But this dealbreaker may change things significantly.

Speaking on the breakup, David Jackson, vice president at EA Sports, said that the move is to build a brand for the future. An issue about player development and how players interact with the game. The licensing conventions agreed with FIFA contained some restrictions that made it difficult to build around players’ experiences.

This change will affect the EA Sports football game, as certain game modes made available by FIFA will be no more. Nonetheless, users will still have the standard leagues, teams, cups, and players that come with current FIFA games. This is possible because Electronic Art is a partner to a number of football entities and will give them the licence to continue using them after its break up with FIFA.

FIFA will as well release its own football video game to compete with coming ones from EA Sports studios. FIFA 23 will be the last game to launch with the name of the global football organization. Other football game entries from Electronic Art studios will use a different name; possibly EA Football 24.


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