Paul Rudd Plays Will Ferrell’s Therapist In New Dark Comedy, “The Shrink Next Door”

Paul Rudd Plays Will Ferrell’s Therapist In New Dark Comedy, “The Shrink Next Door”

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Paul Rudd has played many great characters throughout his career, and in his latest project, he’ll be stepping into the shoes of a therapist – Will Ferrell’s therapist, to be exact. The two actors will be starring in The Shrink Next Door, which hits Apple TV+ on November 12th.

Just one month ahead of the show’s premiere, the streamer has dropped a trailer, introducing us to Marty (Ferrell) and Dr. Ike (Rudd). The pair’s great on-screen chemistry is obvious from the get-go, likely due to the fact that they’ve already worked together on projects like Anchorman.

“What brings you here?” Dr. Ike, wearing a pair of glassed and a layered sweater vest, asks his client.

“I don’t know. Phyllis made me come, my sister,” Marty responds, to which Ike mysteriously says, “ah, she must be very persuasive.”

We then find out that Marty runs a fabric company, that his sister, Phyllis (played by Kathryn Hahn of WandaVision fame), is much stronger than him, and that Dr. Ike isn’t afraid to do “unethical” things, like hug his patients.

“There’s no shame in feeling pain, Marty. You’re the ruler of your own domain,” Ike can be heard saying.

As the clip goes on, we see that the doctor’s unconventional therapy methods seem to be working as Ferrell’s character says, “he changed my life. He changed me.”

Apparently, the pair also become business partners and best friends as the episodes roll out, which will certainly be interesting to see. 

“I am going to take care of everything,” Dr. Ike reassures Marty, who is facing concern that his psychiatrist may be trying to take advantage of him.

The trailer for the dark comedy is full of laughter, suspense, and style. You can watch it below, and be sure to check out the first three episodes of The Shrink Next Door when they arrive on Apple TV+ this November.


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